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This page will include a running list of all changes made and what file(s) changes were made to, on each commit. Both the changeset number and date of the commit will be posted above each log, with the latest one bolded. If no changeset number is provided then the changes under that heading are the ones coming in the next commit.

Changeset xxxxx 2009
  • In MChatAgent.xaml.vb
    • Modified NewChannel Event handler as part of a change to the way channels are displayed.
  • In Client.vb
    • Changed how certain IRC events such as New messages, New queries, Receipt of the nick list, etc. were handled to fix a long standing bug that had previously been fixed in an earlier revision.
  • RichTextIRC.vb
    • Added support for bolded text.
  • In ChatWindow.xaml
    • Changed the tab control, to one that supported some method of dealing with more tabs than could fit across in the space across the top of the window.
    • Rewrote Chat Tab Creation to only create a tab per server. The new ServerViewPage contains a listing of all open channels, and will also contain the ChatViewPage

Added: ServerViewPage.xaml/.vb, ShowMessageEventArgs.vb
Changeset 13552, August 1st, 2008
  • In RichTextIRC.vb
    • Changed type of arraylist used in rendering new messages to a new Quota Limited Array so we could determine the max amount messages shown at any given time and also increase tab switching performance.
    • Added basic support for formating of IRC messages, including font color. Though receving of color codes, in some condition causes an exception to be thrown.
  • In Channel.vb
    • Changed the way mode changes were rendered, to fix a bug.
  • In Client.vb
    • Changed how most channel events are handled to fix the bug preventing reconnection to a server
  • In ChatWindow.xaml.vb
    • Added a method of scrolling through previously sent messages by pressing the up and down arrows.

Added: QutoaArray.vb

Changeset 12115, July 20th, 2008
  • In RichTextIRC.vb
    • Modified the way messages are rendered to add support for IRC color codes.
    • Clicked links in MChat will now automatically launch the default browser.
  • In Connection.vb, Client.vb, IChannelWindow.vb, Channel.vb
    • Added code to support IRC NOTICES.
  • In ChatWindow.xaml.vb
    • Added a nick change message, that displays "in-the-box" when someone changes thier nick.

Changeset 11952 and 11953, July 15th, 2008
  • In Client.vb
    • Changed the way topic changes are handled.
    • Changed the way the received nick list is handled.
    • Changed the way user mode changes are handled.
  • In MChatAgent.xaml.vb (in 11953)
    • Fixed a bug that caused one console tab to be created for every channel tab created.

With these changes, fixed 2 bugs related to disconnect/reconnect scenarios.

Changeset 11886, July 14th, 2008
  • In MChatAgent.xaml
    • Changed the theme of the server list to match the themeing of the rest of the program.
    • Changed the server list control to a list view
    • Added About button
  • In MChatAgent.vb.xaml
    • Added support for opening a console tab, to bring IRC server messages out of the debug log window and help decrease the log size
    • Changed window title to say "Server List" instead of MChat Agent
    • Began working on being able to detect disconnects
    • Re-arranged the button layout, and added a button for the log viewer
    • Added About button code
  • In ChatWindow.xaml
    • Added a button to access the Channel Center, to manage the ban list for a channel
    • Added a button to access the Log Viewer
  • In ChatWindow.xaml.vb
    • Added code to support the two new buttons mentioned above
    • Added code to support opening a tab with the new ConsolePage, instead of just the ChatViewPage
    • We're now able to sort of detect when MChat is disconnected from a server.
  • In Connection.vb
    • Changed how server messages are handled. Instead of piping them to the debug logger, an event is fired causing them to be rendered on the ConsolePage.
    • Changed how topic changes are processed
  • In Channel.vb
    • Wrote a dispose method that "disconnects" the events handled by the Channel object. The failure to do this caused a bug, which resulted in 2 copies of a message being rendered in certain circumstances.

Added: LTICollection.vb, LogIndexer.vb, LogViewer.xaml/.xaml.vb, to support a new fully searchable indexed log viewer. Also added ConsolePage.xaml/.xaml.vb ChanCenter.xaml/.xaml.vb, About.xaml/vb to the mchatui project

Changeset 9186, June 9th, 2008
  • In ChatViewPage.xaml
    • Added item styles for users in both the Half Op group and the None Group
  • In ChatViewPage.xaml.vb
    • Fixed the bug that put demoted ops in the Users group instead of the None group.

Changesets 8379 and 8380, June 4th, 2008
  • In ChatWindow.xaml.vb
    • Made Quit messages effective for all the appropriate channels, not just the very first tab
  • In ChatViewPage.xaml.vb
    • Added a "Double Click to Query" ability to the chat page code
  • In Connection.vb
    • Fixed an issue here that prevented the topic from being displayed, because an incorrect channel name.
    • Fixed several issues related to jumbled "kicked" messages that always said a user was kicked by the channel for no reason.
    • Added code to support initiating a query with some one. Queries are treated exactly like channels that have no topic and no users.
    • Disabled verboose logging of most channel events in an attempt to shrink the log.

Changeset 7858, June 1st, 2008
  • In MChatAgent.xaml.vb:
    • Added a double click function to the server list. Just double click on a server and MChat will automatically connect.

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